Why I Love Break

It’s Thursday already, and spring break is coming to a close. It’s been quite a relaxing and stress-reducing week so far! My reasons for saying so may be quite different than yours, but perhaps somewhere deep down we share some common ground, no matter how little you consider yourself a “nerd.” Here are a few of the reasons why I specifically love breaks:

Catching up on Homework

This is probably the most mundane reason for my loving break, and definitely a shared trait amongst all young students. It’s hard to maintain a spartan-like focus and drive in the days leading up to break. Even the teachers have a hard time assigning serious homework and projects (more work to grade)!

That being said, reading and learning still needs to carry on. Whether your motivation is your GPA, the fear of the looming AP tests, or a desire to challenge your mental faculties, break is one of the best times to learn for retention and not for regurgitation. I personally find it very frustrating to try to cram for tests and overload my brain with rote memorization—it just doesn’t feel genuine to me. Not only do I suck at memorizing things, but I have no understanding of the material, and I most likely forget everything the very next day. It’s just not worth the stress, the bad grade, and the frivolity of it all.

Exploration and Genuine Curiosity

Probably the primary reason I look forward to the many breaks we have every year is because I have time to explore all of the little questions and curiosities that build up over the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I keep a little “idea” bank in my room that consists really of a tattered paper folder with a bunch of sticky notes, ripped pieces of paper, and crumpled napkins. On each little piece of “garbage” is a small thought I had that I thought would be worth further exploration.

They include everything from writing prompts I found interest and math concepts that I need some more work on to business expansion ideas and interesting points that come up during conversations. Finally having the time to read and act on those glimpses of my prior thought processes makes me happy and quite satisfied.

Writing without Guilt

As with the commencement of this blog, which has been an idea of mine for quite a while now*, I realized how much I like reflecting on my thoughts and sharing it with the world. As is stated in the Purpose of This Blog page, my short pieces are not so much catered toward increased readership but more for the release of my own self-expression.

During the regular school weeks, writing just about anything takes up more time that its worth. During break, though, I can finally find the time to write without the guilt of feeling like I should be doing something else.

*I never acted on it because I thought blogging was reserved only for emasculated guys.

Down to Business

The last reason I’m going to list (but definitely not the only remaining reason) for my loving break is because I have time to “get down to business” with INNO, the non-profit that a few of my closest friends and peers have been working on. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and are interested in what it’s about, feel free to follow the link in the previous sentence.

I have to admit, being a full-time student, part-time musician, quarter-time homework machine, and entrepreneur at the same time is a hard thing to pull off. Spring break has given me the time to follow up with parents interested in our services, contact the local school board to approve our sending information to local schools, and update our registration/website with an early-bird discount. You gotta do whatchu gotta do!